Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FREE Printable V-Day Cards

SO! In addition to the Valentine's card I'm sending out to my gal pals this year,

I thought you may want to have the same opportunity to spread some love too! I'm going to have out 2... Below is the first option. I'll be finishing the other one this week. You can print and send to your own friends!

1. Pick which card you like (or both!)
2. Dowload file from 4Shared with links provided.
3. Send image to your printer of choice - cord camera, walgreens, target, walmart etc. (Kinko's might be a fun place to try too...)
*Just print these like you would if you were ordering pictures.

(stick to 4x6" size)

4. Pick up the order in an hour or have them shipped to your house.
5. You can find envelopes in a billion different colors and sizes at places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and my personal favorite Paper Source! Once you get the prints - mail or hand deliver them!

These are sure to bring a smile to your family, friends and co-workers :)

V-Day Card #1 - download HERE

2011 Printable Vday Card 2 copy

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