Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Bee: DIY "cool" Denim

Please note this ain't your typical school teacher denim we're talkin about today. If you like apples and busses and alphabets on your denim, this might not be the post for you.
(No offense mother in law - you rock those things - kids love it!)

I've been wanting a light colored "hipster" version of a chambray/denim shirt. Target had a really cute one, but I couldn't justify the $25 (I recall) they wanted for it. It was similar to this....


My hopes of wearing outfits like this....
outfit inspiration

While wandering through the thrift stores this weekend with my sis, I came across a giant section of denim button ups. I remember seeing a DIY ombre project for denim on Pinterest, so I grabbed one that looked to have some potential.


By potential I mean that it had some pretty cool details on it. I like the v-neck collar and the stitched seaming. I realized when I got home that it was even cooler, because its also got the little button up sleeve roll fabric flappy thing - (legit terms here people).

Details copy

I literally just dumped bleach in a big bucket, submerged the shirt and ensured that all parts were saturated in bleach water mixture. I used about equal parts water and bleach. I also suggest doing this outside if you can - bleach stanks!

I let the shirt sit for 5 minutes, then flipped it around, just to make sure again that all parts of the shirt were covered in bleach water. Time lapse - another 5 minutes.

I rinsed the bleached shirt and washed it ALONE, with an extra rinse cycle.
And dryed it ALONE. I had to be sure I didn't ruin any of Mr. B's dress shirts...

I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the outcome!

After copy

And the side by side:

DIY Hipster Denim copy

Denim/chambray, red and leopard love.

Denim Outfit 2 copy


  1. I love this! It turned out great. :)

  2. Thanks! Its so easy! Try it out!!!

  3. using this for a dress refashion! yours came out great...i'm excited to try it out!