Monday, January 10, 2011

Outfit Inspiration and Lumber Jack Plaid

I'm a woman, I love clothes, shoes and all things accessories. One of my most favorite magazines is People Style Watch edition. I consider myself to be well dressed, but even the best of us get stuck in a rut every once in awhile. For me its been the cardigan/cute tank, skinny jean/boots or flats look that I've been rocking for far too long. Its my staple and go to outfit. Its easy to dress up or down. I feel the most comfortable and most myself in an outfit like this. Thankfully there are many creative gals out there that are perfect for gathering inspiration from. You know the ones - you love every outfit, earring and adorable thrifted penny loafer they wear. Here's a few of my favs to gather envy from. Thanks ladies for the fashion kick in the butt - I will definitley be hitting some thrifties this week!

Sunday Crossbow - Emerald Williamson

The Kissing Tree Vintage - Jessica Chaplinsky

My other fav place to check for outfits is Flickr - I follow this one regularly.

Lumber Jack Plaid

Lumberjack Love

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  1. ugh...i'm trying to grow my hair and then you show me this girl with the CUTEST short hair!