Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Share the Love: Valentine's Day

Last year I started a 'tradition' that I'd like to keep and do again this year (duh!) I wanted to do something special for all my sweetie girl friends without over loading everyone with goodies they'd feel guilty about eating or throwing away. Sooo - I made my own valentine's day cards. I really enjoyed the whole process and mostly did it to practice my photography and photoshop skills and of course to share some love. I made the cupcakes myself, photographed them and designed all the text etc in photoshop. Here's what they looked like.

I'm working on some thoughts for what I'll do this year. I'm SO into all things paper right now and something sort of collage-y with scraps of fabric I'm thinking would be cute...cross your cupids arrows that one finds it way to your mailbox!

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