Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture Perfect Style: Desert Chic

I've been wanting to start some kind of a regular topic here on the blog and I think I've found it. Picture Perfect Style. Since I love fashion and Polyvore so much, and since an outfit can really help play up your personality in a photo shoot, I think its important (and fun) to talk about.

I'm having some pictures of myself taken this weekend and its got me totally stressing out about what to wear! This is something that I both love and hate. I love it because any chance I can get to understand where my clients are coming from is great perspective for me. I hate it because - well WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!?

Olive and Turquois

I am totally in love with this color scheme right now. I own a lot of both of these colors and together I think they are so complimentary. I think olive can go with anything. Using it as a neutral color makes it easy to pair with. It makes me think of my grandmother who lives in Arizona. She loves turquoise and its a natural stone that can be found there. The olive green resembles cactus and succulents and the camel color - well sand duh! Dresses are a great way to keep cool and they can so easily be dressed up or down.

When choosing an outfit for a photo shoot, personally I think there's several approaches and things to think or ask yourself about. And since I love we go!(I'll fill in the blanks for myself, since I've got a shoot this weekend)

1.) What is the purpose of having the pictures taken?
To get head shots/profile pictures for my website.
2.) What do I want others to feel or know about me from looking at my picture?
I want people to see that I am fun, casual and easy going.
3.) Whose celebrity style do I like? Why? Can I imitate something similar?
I like: Jennifer Aniston - always classy and love her casual style, sometimes a little on the edgy side. Lauren Conrad: flirty, girly, fun, young, classy and casual.
4.) What colors, patterns or textures do I like?
Please see above :)
5.) Will I be comfortable? feel confident, proud and beautiful?
Yes! I love the colors and I think they represent my friendliness, causal laid back attitude and professionalism that I want to portray.

The Internet is a wonderful place full of great images and ideas. Polyvore is a great place that helps me to solve fashion blunders.

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  1. great tips Emily, I'm always helping people find outfits for photos as a personal shopper!