Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sr. Portraits: Brittanie

Brittanie is a home schooled country gal and I love that about her. A small piece of me is a country girl at heart. I love to rock me some Garth Brooks when the mood strikes me.

The other totally fun thing about Brittanie is that she's an aspiring photographer too. It was a well spent Saturday night. I had so much fun hanging out with her. I was thankful that the rain held out and that we actually got some sunshine. I love good backlighting!!! Brittanie and I both agreed we could both spend most of our days doing exactly what we spent time doing together Saturday. It helped that the night ended at Dairy Queen too!

Here are some of my top pics... there were soooo many to choose from!

DSC_2202 copy - Copy

DSC_2171 copy - Copy

DSC_2272 copy - Copy

DSC_2324 copy - Copy

DSC_2338 copy - Copy

DSC_2299 copy - Copy

DSC_2430 copy

DSC_2366heartland copy - Copy

DSC_2374 heartland copy

DSC_2370 copy - Copy

DSC_2513 copy

DSC_2525 copy


This is my favorite picture from the day. That sunset was delicious.

DSC_2401 copy

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