Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding: Amanda and Josh

Amanda and I met in college. She is one of the spunkiest people I know. She is completely fun loving and has a huge heart. Josh is a new friend of mine. He's nothing short of a goofball and these two together know how to have a good time, despite a little rain.

DSC_3322 copy

DSC_3448 copy

DSC_0243 copy

DSC_0404 copy

DSC_0401 copy

DSC_0339 copy

DSC_4456 copy

DSC_4465 copy

DSC_4476 copy

DSC_4470 copy

DSC_4369 copy

DSC_4200 copy

DSC_4501 copy

DSC_4617 copy

DSC_4729 copy

DSC_4808 copy


  1. oh! also have to mention a HUGE thanks to Jackie Wells for assisting me as sesond shooter Saturday. She was a tremendous help and took absolutely great detail shots!
    (some seen above)

  2. These look great Emily! I can't wait to see the rest!

    p.s. It was quite fun shooting with you!


  3. love LOVE love the photos!!!

  4. The one coming back down the isle is fabulous! :)