Saturday, December 31, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

New year Group 2

images from Pinterest and variety of artists - go here!

New Year Group 1

At the close of 2010, I knew that 2011 would be awesome. Mostly because I'm slightly superstitious about the number 11 (its my lucky/favorite number and I mean, a WHOLE year of 11!!! - YES), but I had a hunch it would just be special - and it was. There are so many people, moments and things that Mr. B and I have been blessed with. I think my top two have to be the growth of my photography and the anticipation of our own little one. I tried to pick out my favorite 11 photos from the year, but I couldn't cut the last two off, so we've got 13. Which is also lucky, so I guess it works... I hope your 2011 was great, but if it wasn't here's to fresh starts and to a joy filled and peaceful New Year! Cheers!

2011 Favs 1 copy

2011 Favs 2 copy

2011 Favs 3 copy

2011 Favs 5 copy

2011 Favs 4 copy

Baby B ultra sound copy

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