Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Senior Rep 2014 Group Shoot Themes

I have been planning my rep program since last summer, so its hard to believe I am just a few short weeks away from our big group photo shoot. I'm a little stressed, nervous, a lot excited and crossing my fingers it doesn't rain. I have a great team, a great group of girls and 2 great shoot themes that you can see here.

Here are the 2 mood boards I put together to capture the look and feel I am aiming for. I gave each of my model reps a 4x6 photo of both of these to help them and my wardrobe stylist choose their outfits for the shoot.

I am totally in love with the graphic-T style that's in right now. I wanted to incorporate my brand feel and color scheme into this one. We're calling it 'Urban Sparkle'.

For this look I wanted a more classic, slightly vintage girly feel. This should be a nice break from all the winter gray around here! We're calling this one 'Vintage Ice Cream'.

I'll have behind the scenes and sneak peeks here in a few weeks!

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