Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrity Style and Online Shopping (AKA THE Hunt)

Since Black Friday is this week, this topic seemed even more fitting :) Ever wonder where you might find a pair of shoes, outfit or accesdory featured on one of your weekly sitcoms, on your favorite character? I HAVE! I'm a huge fan of Cougar Town and this totally simple, wearable with everything necklace by Courtney Cox's character Jules Cobb. ALSO been obsessed with finding a very rare and elusive pair of boots worn by How I Met Your Mother character - Robin Scherbatsky. ALAS - here is where my hunt has begun and ended.

Start with good old Google. (don't all great searches on the vast internet start here?) Begin with something like 'Jules Cobb necklace'.... you'll get lots of finds - but I'll save you this step and recomend you check out CelebStyle. They've already got a list of your favorite shows with featured character's popular outfits. I was able to find both of the items I was looking for from this site.

So you eagerly type in the name of the high fashion brand of your great outfit find- in google search again of course, to see where you might be able to pick up a pair of those boots and of course to see how many weeks of paychecks you'll have to save up on to get them... $500!!??
Even with a side job as a photographer, its still too many weeks to wait! :( Back to GOOGLE! 'Frye Dorado look alike boots' goes into the search box. The next level of name brand boots rings in at (chuh-ching!) Steve Maddens for $250! And because I'm thrifty, I'll take that golden chunk of info and head myself on out to DSW, to find an even better deal! Happy Hunting!

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