Thursday, November 18, 2010

Engagement: Andrew and Melissa

This was one of those photo shoots that a photographer loves - well at least I love and dream of shooting... what Tyra Banks calls"chasing". Its a technical term from America's Next Top Model. Better explained as: when a client or model entices you with each move they make. Little to no direction is necessary and every second you are more eager to take the next picture, than you were the last. Perhaps I can explain it in the terms of food. Like a fat kid walking into a decadent and adorable cupcake shop. There's hundreds of cupcakes, each with a different flavor and texture. The excitement comes over him and rather than rationalizing out which cupcakes he would choose to eat, he tears into the first one he comes to. The first bite so big, he's already a mess. Before even swallowing, he's on to the next cupcake, devouring it, barely tasting it before the thought of the next flavored cupcake comes over him. This continues on until exhaustion and he surrends to the greatness of ravenously jumping in with out thought. In hindsight, more self control and discipline would have ended in a more lovely and memorable experience, but no matter how fast you eat a cupcake - ITS STILL GOOD! You see it was much like that fat kid for me. A kid in a candy store if you will. There was so much goodness in this shoot. I have to admit, my end result wasn't as great as perhaps I think it could have been, if I slowed down and used a little self control and metered my light more properly. All in all, I view every photo shoot as an opportunity to hone in and fine tune my skills and this was huge learning experience for me.

Thank you Mel and Andrew for giving me my first taste of "chasing" bliss. Here's to more of this type of shoot in the future!! Here are some of my favs. See entire album on my facebook.

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