Monday, November 1, 2010

new website and the number 11

2 WHOO HOO's for today! 1.) I have the day off! and 2.) I finally ordered my website today! I've been sitting on my domain name for a few months now, all the while scrimping and scrounging to save a few left over pennies to buy the actual template and hosting fee. My goal is to get this sucker launched on day 1 of 2011! I've had a special feeling about the year 2011. 11 is my favorite/lucky number. Special signs and wonders have occurred to me over the number 11, call me superstitious if you want, but 1/1/11 seemed like the perfect day and just the right amount of time to get it set up and launched. I think I'll need a party. Also, I'm taking ideas for a way to celebrate 11/11/11 - let me know what you got! More to come on the site!

My new business cards too :) Thanks Alaina (

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