Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Update: Cold Remedies

Lucky me came down with a head cold this week. It knocked me out of 2 days of work. Don't get me wrong being out of the office for a few days is nice and all, but I hate being behind when I get back. And when the weekend hits and I've got an engagement and senior portrait shoot to get through, a massive headache and snotty nose just isn't acceptable. Here's my list of things to combat cold cooties!

1. ) Sprite. Ok so I realize the picture shows Sierra Mist - I still call it sprite. This has some nostalgic value for me. Mom always had some when we were sick as kids. I'm loving the cranberry version that comes out for the holidays.

2.) Neti Pot! The family I used to nanny for got me hooked on this one. Its a little weird and uncomfortable to put warm water up your nose - don't breathe in or you'll drown - yup its that dangerous and glorious all at once. This little nose tea pot will clear your sinuses right up!

3.) Burts Bee's Res Q Ointment. For those rough red noses that tissues can leave behind
4.) Tea - I prefer lemon, chamomile, cinnamon or minty ginseng mixes. With honey of course, for a sore throat.

5.) Luden's Throat drops. Soooo good to a sore throat and they don't taste bad! This might be the only cherry flavored thing I like!

6.) And HELLO!? Nyquil! For an easier nights sleep. Actually, use with caution. Slept right through my alarm one morning this week!

Happy Weekend to you and hoping you won't need these remedies at all this cold and flu season.

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