Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Random Rambles

I'm back at work this week and feeling so tired and overwhelmed. Having 3 days off to sleep in (8:00am - yes is sleeping in for me, I get up at 6:00am for work!) and to focus on my photography was a well needed break, but now it seems I've forgotten how to manage both of these worlds I live in. Oh, and not to mention I started running this week.

Jacob and I, ok I started training, to run the half Marathon in October. He'll probably just run the thing straight outta the gate. He's super like that. I don't hate running, but I just hate excercising in general. Its always been a dream of Jacob's for us to run a race together and this one's for him. We've been married 5 years and with all this talk about MY dreams and goals, I figured it was about time I tried to make some of his come true.

Other things going on? Well just preparing for a crazy May. I've got 2 weddings and several family and engagement shoots that I am suuuper excited for.

Spring and summer fashions have me chomping at the bit and I'd love to go on a spree, but that doesn't quite fit in with the budget plan I'm working on so that I can do photography full time. Which by the way, if any one has any good resources on figuring out overhead costs, variable/fixed costs and general lists of photography costs, I'd love to get some good reading material on it. What have you done to figure all that fun financial stuff out?

Here's to warmer weather - flip flop season!

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  1. so, I had a dream that you hired another graphic designer because you didn't like the logo I made for you. it was a NIGHTMARE.