Monday, May 9, 2011

..... laugh, eat and be merry.

I had a very minor panic attack Saturday night. I was thinking about my messy house, mother's day gifts that needed wrapped and sent, my busy work week and shooting my upcoming first wedding of the season! I didn't hypervenalate or anything, but my mind was racing, I couldn't sleep and I did have to pop a couple of tums.

Thankfully the weekend was a productive and relaxing one and its got me reflecting on this Monday morning about how I got back to a calmer state of mind. For me it all comes down to organization and preparedness.

Here's a step by step - because I love lists.
1.) Clean. Not only do I feel more calm when my house is clean, but its also a great way to mindlessly get something done. Not a whole lot of concentraion is needed for sweeping. (PS - its a great way to burn some additional calories - HELLO!?)

2.) Get prepared. I purchased a new off camera lighting system and I was waiting for the perfect time to test it out. I shouldn't have waited. It was subconciously stressing me out. I was also responsible for providing one of my brides with the schedule for pictures Saturday. Which I love! Its great when clients trust me to lay out the ebb and flow of such an important day. Once these two things were done, I instantly felt more confident about shooting the wedding.

3.) Excercise and Play. Find some people you love. Friends or family. Purchase an over sized blow up basketball hoop and ball and get a good old fashioned game of Horse goin on. The company, laughter and excercise were the perfect way to end a weekend... and some delicious dessert helps too.

All in all - clean, organize, prepare, play, laugh, eat and be merry.

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