Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Days are gone

You might be able to tell by peeking into my house that May was a really crazy month. I've had two weddings, family, engagement and senior portraits, and a slew of personal and work committments. I'm not great at managing stress so my house and body usually take the brundt of a busy life style.

I had a brief scare with what I swore was a developing ulcer and some pretty severe back and neck pain. I'm officially a member at Massage Envy now in hopes of at least reserving an hour a month to relaxation. As for my house... its still in recovery. Anyone else still have sweaters in their closet?!

May has also been a great month. I think I'm really growing as a photographer. I'm meeting so many new and wonderful people. I've had great clients and new photography friends enter my life. And while I feel a lot more confident in my shooting, I'm always learning.

I have soo many pictures to finish editing and soo many blog topics and images to share with you!

Hello June! I look forward to my vacation with you... (eek!)

Images from (LOOOVE!)

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