Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good things take time...

Funfetti Ice Cream recipe - picture from Ginger Bread Bagels blog)

I'm totally a DIY'er, but there's something about summer that really lures me to making things myself. Like ice cream. I thought I'd whip up a batch as a gift for a friend who just finished grad school. Its probably not the best idea I've had as I've discovered that it takes at least 3 days to make! Not only will my ice cream not be done in time to give as a gift, but what if it isn't even edible?! These are the kind of problematic questions you have when you take on a DIY adventure. I find that they always take more time than I think, good things usually do.

Something else that takes time? Editing photos. Since I assume most people don't know what goes on behind the scenes after a photo shoot, I thought I'd share my process...

During a photoshoot I often show clients the images I'm capturing on the screen on the back of my camera. Did you know that the image you see on the camera is not the same image you recieve on a disk?

I sift through all the images and pick out the best and my favorites. Pulling out the ones with closed eyes, double chins and lazy eyes... I then take the good ones and edit each one by hand. Lots of photographers use photoshop and programs that enable them to edit photos in a batches. I think this is wonderful and its something I look forward to moving to in the future, but for now, I look at each image and edit it (with photoshop and Totally Rad Actions) in a way that I think captures the emotion and personality of the subject. I choose certain images to be black white and a select few for more artistic styles.

I want my images to be bright, crisp, and clean. I love faces and eyes and making skin look soft and buttery... :) Since this process takes a decent amount of time, I take a few minutes after a shoot and pick out 2-3 that I really like. I edit these few and post them on facebook for my clients to see, the same day. Its like a little teaser! Like an appetizer to hold you over until the meal... haha, ok maybe a bad analogy...

The photos you recieve have that little pop and wow factor that makes them extra special. Thanks for being patient and eager clients!

ps... I have an editor hired to help me with photos for 2012! ...exciting to see the business grow...!

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