Sunday, January 15, 2012

My photo New Year Resolution

One of my New Year's resolutions is to print and display more photos. As a part time photographer its pretty lame the amount of photos that display our walls. Elsie at "A Beautiful Mess" blog did a post on 5 ways she displays images in her home. I freaking love her blog and she has the cutest DIY ideas and projects. I tried one of the apps she suggested for printing Instagram and iphone images and it is AMAZING! Even as a photographer, the only camera I always have on me is my iphone. If you're lucky enough to have the new iphone 4S, you're likely getting pretty sick images with your phone, so I say embrace it and snap away! No need to have anything fancy. This app is super easy, afordable and did I mention easy and CUTE! Its called Postpix. You can choose a variety of sizes, but my personal fav is the 4x4 which is perfect for those fun and funky Instagram images. I swear in under 10 minutes (and without leaving the couch) I had ordered 25 of my favorite phone pics and they were shipped to my house within a week. I hung a few here at home in the hive and took a lot of them to work. I made a cute little "photo clothes line" with some metallicy embroidery floss (Hobby Lobby for like .99c) and teeny colored clothespins (also Hobby Lobby $3.00). I absolutely love how it turned out.


Postal Pix made this New Year's resolution E.Z. - P.Z. love it!

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  1. Gorgeous! Its like Spring is the air, the colors are really fun to watch varying from one another. Will certainly try Postpix for sure.
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