Monday, January 16, 2012

'Bump' Up the Fashion

In no way do I proclaim this blog to be about fashion (or that I'm good at it!), but it is something I love and that I love to experiment with. While being pregnant I have found the fashion choices to be less than stellar. Not to mention the sky high prices, that are enough to send a girl into early labor. I haven't been much of a fan of moo-moo-esque shapes, tie backs and knit clingy fabrics. What woman looks good with jersey KNIT on their lower half? Unless you are 16 (which I am not) and technically I don't even think we can call them women... anyone who is cellulite free should not be considered such. Its an unwanted right of passage ladies... embrace it... ha! I digress...

To say the least maternity fashion has been a bit of challenge, but I think I've finally gathered some good pieces (thank you friends and family for your hand me downs!) and secrets to making a bump look good.

1.) Is that knowing your body type is important. At all times this is a must, but especially now. Knowing what looks good on your body and flatters you best, is really no different when you are pregnant. For example, I know that I am well endowed in the "junk" area. I know that adding extra fabric, clingy or baggy pieces to my lower half only enhance what God's already given there.

2.) Elastic and stretch are your friends, just know where to put them and not to put them (see #1). I stuck to stretchy around the waist and I prefer stretch around the bump. Which leads me to my next point...

3.) It is totally in to show off your adorable little growing middle. A single trip to Old Navy or Forever 21 and you should be able to find ample long stretchy cute tanks, tees and blouses. Old Navy and Forever 21 both carry maternity, but if your store doesn't there should still be great options.

4.) Blazers and cardigans are your BFF's. They don't even need to be maternity.

5.) For me since its winter, great boots have been a huge life savor. I've loved combining leggings, tights and skinnies with a variety of flat riding boots.

I hope some of these tricks help you. Below is an example of an outfit I put together in which NOT ONE piece is maternity. I actually owned all of this pre-pregnancy!

Untitled-1 DSC_1971 DSC_1965 106

PS - I'm 6 months pregnant, so these tips should be good for when you really start to pop out! :)


  1. so.stinking.cute. can I feature you on the style blog?

  2. Meredith - yes! If I can reciprocate!? :)