Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Send Some Love - Postcard Style

I love Valentine's Day. I don't get into it for all the commercial reasons, but as corny as it may sound - love really is an amazing thing.

I love love.

I also love cards and paper things. I've been wanting to dabble into making more prints from my photos and this year seemed like a good one to try it out since I'm booking less shoots in anticipation of baby bee coming in April. So here I am nervously announcing that I've finally added some postcard photo prints to my Etsy shop. They're just in time for Valentine's Day! I hope you'll grab a pack and send to a few friends! I'd love to know what you think!

I've also included an Etsy Treasury list I put together. I think it has a nice assortment of gifts for just about anyone on your list to send some love to this year. If nothing else its some good eye candy :)
Etsy Treasury copy

DSC_1800 copy
  I assembled an assortment of found objects for each of these cards. I photographed them, edited and ordered them as one sided cards. On the back I've hand stamped each of them to create the
 postcard look.
DSC_2110 copy Back view of each card

DSC_1816 text copy

DSC_1873 copy

Each one comes in a set of 4 post cards for $10.00 - Postcard size is 4x6 inches.

Thanks! - Mrs. B

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