Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy Bee: Saturday Banner Project

Saturdays are starting to become my project day. Mostly because I am not home during the week with enough day light to photograph them... isn't that sad? I think it is. Stupid day job (::sigh::)
We've been sprucing up our bedroom and this banner project inspired me to do one of my own.
(thanks again Pinterest)
  pinterest inspiration
So here's the step by step. Its a really quick project and a good one for days when you're stuck inside. Isn't it cute? I love how it turned out.
DSC_2101 copy relax banner 1 copy

I started with this old burlap bag. You could use any fabric, but this really goes with the rustic/"beachy" theme we have. I really hate using the word beachy, because its not like typical corny beachy. At least I don't think so. The burlap bag was from a shipment of green coffee beans Mr. B ordered. Pretty cool I think - and I didn't have to spend the extra $$$ on a supply I didnt' have. I just cut out the parts that weren't stamped with spanish I didn't know. (ha!)

DSC_2073 copy
I cut out a template for the individual penants. I did a similar project for a Halloween 'Trick or Treat' banner, so I had a good idea of the size I wanted. The top was 6 inches across. In the middle (at 3 inches) I drew a straight line down that was 7 inches and then continued to make a triangle from those points.
Relax banner 3 copy
I cut out the template and traced it onto my fabric. I put them every other upside down to save space.
  DSC_2092 copy
I used a generic stencil I got at Hobby Lobby. I liked the more simple straight lines of it, rather than some of the fancier options, but use what you like and what fits with the rest of the decor you'll be using it for. Seen here a mini can of white semi matte spray paint as well.
  DSC_2094 copy
Here is my first letter taped and secured, so that I only get paint in the open letter 'R' area.
DSC_2095 copy

And here's what it looked like after a couple sprays of paint - fail.
Some times projects don't go as planned, but if at first you don't succeed, try, try again - and so I headed to the basement to see what other options I had for white paint. I was looking for a white sharpie or a marker pen, but I came across something better. Acrylic paint and a brush. DUH.
DSC_2096 copy
This worked MUCH better.
DSC_2100 copy

I strung the penants together with hemp. Since burlap isn't solid it was easy to weave it through.
DSC_2103 copy

I love it!

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