Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend recap

Well, I knew the spring would be busy, but I've been mentally, spiritually and physically preparing myself for it. No really I have been. 

Its a whole new blog post to write on - which I'll be doing soon, but knowing the amount of things that I put on my plate I decided over a year ago that being balanced in all these areas would only help me to be more productive and happy. Its been working so far. Like I said, more on that to come, but here's a quick recap of my 'long' (they always to seem to fly by) 3-day weekend. 

Been planning my sister's baby shower since the day she told us she was pregnant. She threw me such a beautiful shower when I was pregnant with Ada, that I was happy to return the favor. The theme was 'woodland' - her idea, I just executed. The rainy cold weather totally sucked, but the love, friends, family, and food inside made up for it. Most of these are images of the shower or prep for it.

Weekend images: Moody quiet Friday morning out running errands | Yummy macrons from Pistacia Vera | Baby shower cake and individual cherry cobblers | Cherry cobbler prep | SEESTERS! | Refueling with Native Cold Pressed Juice (sweet beet) | Pretty tulips for the shower | Baby shower game | Church on Sunday

This week's to-do's:
Final prep for senior model shoot next weekend
Edit recent client shoot and baby shower images
Drink more water
Get all 4 workouts in
Take time to laugh and play

Favorite new things from last week:
Native Cold Pressed Juice
DIY wine rack that Jacob made me - like this

Wishing I could book a trip to Florida or Arizona
Focusing on strengthening and growing friendships
Can I afford a cleaning lady?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you'll stop by later this week for more baby shower pictures!
xo - Em

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