Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Some times … I can sympathize with animals in captivity.

(Side note – you all should watch Black Fish. It’s a great documentary about Sea World.)

What I mean is that some times I feel caged and trapped. 

Since having entered ‘Corporate America’ almost 6 years ago (I couldn't get a teaching job), it’s been a growing energy that increases with each passing week. While I appreciate my ‘day job’ and all that it gives me (especially the paycheck part), it’s just not my cup of tea. I work for a great company, with even GREATER people and if ‘Corporate America’ is your thing, you should come on over here and work...

... but when your spirit is wild, it’s like a cage. 

(Another side note - I'm really not that wild, just a little non-conformist-free spirit kind of wild...)

The challenge for me is this: to live in the moment. When your ultimate desire is be home with family, running a business wild and free, it can become consuming. 

This year I am trying very hard to focus on being in the moment, no matter where I am. I believe that God has things to show us and teach us in every situation if only we’d listen a little harder.

So as I try to ::patiently:: wait for the day when I’m released from my metaphorical cage, I will also strive to be in the moment. 

For now, the view isn't so bad from my 'cage'.

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