Monday, February 14, 2011

Anthropologie Wedding Dresses, Hair Pins and shoes!? Oh-My!!

OH YES! Its true! I know you all L-O-V-E Anthropologie, so I know you'll be excited about this: a line of WEDDING DRESSES! Its official launch is today called: {BHLDN}, which is pronounced Beholden. This line gives a twist on the traditional, recognizing that a wedding day should not be an ordinary one. They're offering wedding gowns, stunning hair adornments, footwear, and lingerie. And not to worry girl friends - adorable bridesmaids dresses too! Even garments that I would consider fashionable and chic for mother of the bride/groom, without being flashy or inappropriate. As if Anthro. could make anything flashy or inappropriate!
And wouldn't I have loved to been the photographer hired to shoot these garments and gals! hooo whee!

Anthro Dres 1 green

Anthro Dress 2

Anthro Dress 3

anthro jacket

anthro hair

anthro shoe

The fun thing is they've got this great interactive section "What Kind of Bride Are You?" You can fill in a few questions and get a recommendation for which style you best fit into. Nostalgic Romantic? Lady with a Twist? Find out here!
I love the hair pins and accessories... and if you can't afford it... at least it makes for FANTASTIC inspiration for a little DIY project :)

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