Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ohio had the amazing opportunity to have an all star photographer visit from sunny CAL. If you've never seen Jasmine Star's work or heard her story, I encourage you to check her out. She's vivacious, challenging, inspirational, a giver and truly a master in the photography craft. I am thankful that she is willing to share her struggles and successes with fellow photographers. Skip Cohen and Akron Photo Series some how convinced her to come to O-H-I-O. The best part was 10% of each ticket sale went to The Akron Children's Hospital. AmAZiNg!!

I made the 2.5 hour trek to Akron, along with 100-200 (I'm guessing) - other photographers from all over Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Jasmine's topic for the 3 hour seminar was Marketing and Branding. I have 4 pages of notes and a few new friends. One of my new friends is an Art Teacher named Emily! (boy this sure sounds familiar!) One of the biggest take aways for me is to differentiate myself from the crowd. In my own words and in similar context to Jasmine's, God made each of us uniquely. NO ONE can be me! The other big take away for me was networking. This is especially difficult for me, because I so often feel inadequate, less educated, with less equipment and less experience than other photographers. Jasmine calls it 'netmaking'. Its more than passing out your business card. Its being intentional and offering more of myself. Hooo! That's a little scary to say, but I know that uncomfortableness is what helps us stretch and grow.

Thank you Jasmine for your encouraging and motivational words. They were both inspiring and a wake up call!

And just to point out one of the things that does make me uniquely me... I AM A MAJOR DORK! Why did I think it would be a fun or good idea to make silly faces for my picture with JASMINE STAR!? Ugh - I think this one can fall under the category "you can't polish a turd". hahah!





  1. Emily - great post and better picture. Love it! It was very nice to meet you yesterday. Definitely keep in touch.

    Hunter (sat to your left)

  2. Love this! Wish we'd have crossed paths yesterday!!

  3. Super'fly post, sorry we didn't personally connect either but I feel like I already know you from your post, ah! Mission accomplished, best of luck!

  4. Hi guys! thanks for reading!! Yesterday was great wasn't it!?

  5. Great post Emily! Wish we would've met! Best of luck!

    Tiffany Luc

  6. it was a pleasure meeting you, emily!! keep up the silly faces! ;)

  7. Hey Emily,

    Just responded to your OSP post about Ohio photographers (and no, I am not stalking you : ) I am trying to reach out and connect too. I can definitely relate to the inadequacy thing. This is what I am telling myself now: Our real value is in being ourselves. I think you are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing : )