Monday, March 28, 2011

Work Week Remedies: 1

Basically the gist of this is a weekend update, but I didn't want to call it that :) I consider my weekends to be a brief period of rejuvenation to gear up for another work week. Its not that my day job is awful, its actually a pretty great job and I love my friends and co-workers here. Its just not where my passions lie and I am thankful for the weekends, when I can get a refreshing reminder of all that's really important to me.

On Friday, our dinner plans with friends fell through and we resorted to date night. Not just any date night - a night at the supermarket. Which is actually a pretty normal occasion for us, but this trip was different. A nearby neighboring community opened a Giant Eagle Marketplace. I hear there are only like 4 in the country and some how Columbus is fortunate enough to have one. I have to admit that at first I thought all the rage around GE Marketplace was just non-sense. My brother and sister law even wanted to have a birthday dinner there. I laughed and said there was no way I'd allow us to go to a grocery store to celebrate someone's birthday. Hubbs and I thought we'd give it a try Friday, since there seemed to be nothing better to do.

I wasn't impressed at first. I was overwhelmed. People were swarming every where. The lines for wine tastings were 20-30 people long and I was hungry. Those lushes were just in my way. It was too many choices, too many delicious smells and so much to look at. After we lapped the place 2 or 3 times, we split up and decided to meet up stairs with our respective dinners. I ended up at the Cold Bar and with broccoli soup. I wasn't thrilled about my choices, but it would have to do. Hubbs had a giant Rueben and some German beer. After getting some hummus and pita chips 'in ma bella' I felt better, could focus more and people watch. The live music helped set the mood too. LIVE MUSIC! I know! At Giant Eagle grocery store!






DSC_0718 copy



The colander is my favorite kitchen gadet. I'm really not sure why, but I loved bumping into this! I've never seen so many colors or sizes before. I love you colander.

colander details


  1. Ergh - its Giant Eagle Market District... not Marketplace.

  2. hee hee...And you thought we were crazy! Love this place!

  3. watermark looks great! i want to go there so bad.

  4. I feel like I might have heard about this...Is this the same place that basically babysits your kids while you shop??

  5. Steph - you were right and I should have known, you guys have great taste.

    Alaina - thanks for the logo, it does look great.