Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ultimate Guide!

I always say I love the clients I work with and I really do! Part of the branding philosophy I believe in is that if I put myself out there ie. my favorite jeans, nail polish color, my dream to play piano, live in Florida, I love love and how I hate tomatoes... I will attract similar people, or repell the oppososite. I think its working because, I want these people to be my BFF's! A recent bride gave me an article she found in Bride's magazine about photography. The "Ultimate Guide" they call it. Personally I love when clients give me this type of direction. Here's why!

1.) I genuinely care and love my clients and I know they feel the same about me when they clip articles or photos as suggestions and helpful tips to me.
2.) I'm not offended when they specify exactly what they want. Clipping internet or magazine images for inspiration saves me steps in my wedding prep process and I know that they're poses or images you'll love.
3.) I get a better understanding of what my clients want or need. Instead of paying for expensive Market Research (like larger companies do) you're telling me EXACTLY what you like and don't like! It helps me focus my business down onto the things that best serve my client's needs. Its a good way to keep up with wedding trends too.

There are some really great tips in this article both for photographers and clients. I'll be breakin' it down here for ya!

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